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First post from college

Firstly, it's hard to believe I've had this thing going (some times more than others) since early sophomore year. Now that I'm in college, these days seem pretty long ago and the people all too far away.

I'm still up in the air about college life. There's lots of people, so some of them are cool just due to the law of averages. Walking around on the street though, anybody alone has this blank, thousand-yard-stare going on, and anyone not by themselves is surrounded by 2-6 other people, all sharing an inside joke or a conversation. This'd be cool if I could get in on one of these groups. I'm assuming meeting people will become a thousand times easier once classes start. Right now I have almost nothing in common with anybody, which added to my natural aversion to starting conversations makes me a bit hard up in the new friends department. I have talked to a few of the people in my hall, though, and even stood around joking with a group of them yesterday. Really, it's just sad that this is noteworthy, coming from a school where I could honestly say hi to everyone in the hall and call them by name. Ahh, small schools, you've spoiled me.

The facilities here, though, are pretty nice. The tennis courts are very clean, though I haven't had an opportunity to play on them yet. Schafer dining hall is pretty nice and the food isn't bad either, especially for college food. The selection's good but not amazing, so hopefully I won't be getting sick of it until winter break. I've heard the gyms aren't too bad, and the Cary St gym is having a lot of money dumped into it to make it better for next year. I'm still not sure I'll be around to appreciate that.

The room's pretty small, at best guess it's about 8x15, with two beds, two desks, and 2 wardrobes to fill a lot of that space. My room mate's not here yet, which is good and bad. It's good because I can live it up in the room by myself right now, sort of easing into this whole communal living thing. It sucks because I'm pretty sure I could go a whole day without really speaking to anyone at all if it weren't for friends from high school. It just needs time, I guess. Making friends in high school was much easier. Not only was there about 1% of the people, but having classes with them helped. I met my best friends in gym class, and we always had one or two classes together. Once I know some people this'll be a lot better, but it's hard to meet them.

There's a block party thing tomorrow, which I'll probably go to since they're taking a swipe off my meal card no matter what. That should, hopefully, be fun and maybe there'll be people there looking to socialize instead of staring blankly off into space.

I also have this peculiar sense of emptiness, maybe it's just very mild homesickness. It's like I'm missing something but can't find something logical to point to. It could be my girlfriend, but it's not like I saw her everyday or like we're all that much farther apart (25 compared to 40 minutes). It could be home, but really my days are the same or better than they were there, except that college internet sucks. Maybe it's just me missing the days of high school - easy friends, fun times, and never this sense of missing something.

I need to write more often, I'm out of practice and I can tell my thoughts are disjointed.


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