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A very good day

I guess this post requires a little background. A couple weeks ago I started looking around for laptops for college. I found out at the orientation that a computer of some sort is required, and I've wanted a laptop for awhile though had no practical use for one. Armed with the best of excuses, I ended up buying one from ABS. The thing's pretty much a monster, built for gaming, and should be able to handle anything around for a few years at least.

Some time last week, I decided to start applying for federal Work-Study jobs, so that I could help pay for tuition and work reasonable hours. One of these jobs is a ReadAmerica reading coach. Essentially, you go to elementary schools and help teach K-3 graders how to read. I got a 730 on my SAT reading section and I've always been good with little children (when it mattered).

Fast forward to today, when after a day of waiting and wondering when it'd get here, my laptop arrived. ABS included a notebook filled with benchmarks and software, so I'm currently installing everything that came with it to this laptop. Afterwards I'm going to connect it to the network, transfer music and select programs, and be extremely happy.

Right after it arrived, as I was bringing it into my room, my cell phone starts ringing. I don't recognize the number, but I answer anyway. I have an interview on Friday for the reading coach job :D

Today has been a red letter day.


Blogger Jadewolff said...

That's awesome. Your work study sounds a lot more interesting then the stuff I did. I think my first was library security...yeah.

As far as your laptop, it's nice to know you won't be missing out on the expansion pack :P

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