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So It's been like a month

Shortly after graduation I went to Las Vegas, where my mom was getting married. After about the third day I wanted to go home, but we were there for a week. Still, every day was fun (and very hot). I kept a day-by-day journal thing, but it's not really worth the time to type it up here. Probably one of the coolest things we did is go to the top of the Stratosphere at night. It's 105 stories, or 1068 feet straight up. The lights from the valley (and the Strip in particular) were even more amazing than seen from the ground. Because everything is so flat, and there are virtually no trees, if you're in a hotel or other tall building and looking out, you can see pretty much the entire city in front of you. It's fairly amazing, and probably my favorite thing about the area.

Post-Vegas, I hadn't really done anything of import until yesterday, when I went to the VCU orientation thing. To start off with, I'd gotten about 3 hours of sleep and had to be awake at 5:30 to get there. I checked in, walked around the booths that announced what VCU had to offer (I like their facilities), was split into a group with an OA and about 15 other students, got a little tour of the engineering building, registered online for my classes, and then asked a teacher where to go next. This was a mistake. She told me I should go get my VCUCard, and I sort of figured they would trust everyone to walk back to the student commons (where I thought the Cards were being done). After all, it's an easy route and we're college students.
Alas, this was not the case. I ended up meeting another OA after getting slightly lost, who told me where the real VCUCard building was and how to get there. After walking about 8 blocks, I arrived. An OA there was walking their group through, and noticed me. After explaining myself, she told me I could get my card but then I'd need to go find my group. This seemed reasonable to me, so I got in line.
About five minutes later, she pulled me from the line and told me I'd need to find my group "or [I'd] pay the price". If I wasn't exhausted, I probably would've hurt her feelings. Instead, I just walked out after mouthing the word 'bia-bia-bia-bitch' to a friend in the line. I walked the 8 blocks back to the student commons, then another 2 to the dining hall after being told to go there and wait for my group. It kind of sucked. I did meet up with my group again, though, and after lunch we walked back to the VCUCard building, where I got my card. After walking back to the Commons and finding out that all the parking in the nearby parking deck was sold out, I left.
Essentially, aside from meeting with an academic advisor to pick classes, I accomplished nothing on that trip. I registered for my classes, but I could've done that online. I met nobody, don't even know where my dorm is, and really sort of developed a negative opinion of the VCU student body thanks to the one OA. These are the people that are supposed to be really nice and helpful, but she told me I would "pay the price" for following directions from a teacher and ending up lost. What a bitch.

As for my classes, I got a pretty great schedule for myself. Monday - Thursday, no classes until 1 or 2, and never for more than 4 or so hours. Friday I have 50 minutes of Chemistry starting at 8, which sort of sucks but was far better than the alternative (7-9:50 class). I'm taking English 101, Pre-Cal, Chemistry and Psychology as of right now. I'm hoping to pick up a Chemistry Lab (none were available and no overrides) and drop Psychology in favor of Political Science.


Anonymous Malcolm said...

Political science?! Do you remember Patterson's class?

10:55 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

See, I already have Government credits. Easy poli sci minor alert.

7:18 PM


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