Now More Happier.


Graduation day.

It was pretty great.

I got to school around 5:30 (after a day of reading and playing World of Warcraft), after which a lot of waiting ensued. Yearbooks were signed with literally minutes left of our high school career, songs were sung, dances were danced, pictures were taken, and all in all the pre-graduation mood was very (even surprisingly, considering this was our last real time together) upbeat.

Around 7:10, all 72 of us were seated in the auditorium and the speeches began. The one by the class president and the reflection were both awesome, though I doubt they meant anything to the parents and non-students in attendance. Lots of inside jokes about how cool we were, etc. Nostalgia by the bucket. Graduation video was great. I was up there for about 5 seconds, rockin' the shocker (note: my mom called it '[my] white boy gang sign'). Then our commencement speaker, Congressman Forbes, delivered a pretty great speech. One thing in particular he said that I would like to remember is to 'mind the waves'.

Once upon a time, Congressman Forbes was down in Nagshead or the Outerbanks or some beachy area like those. He saw two young children building a sand castle and arguing, hitting each other with shovels and throwing sand and the like. He also saw a wave, taller than the rest, heading towards shore. The wave washed over the castle, leaving the two kids speechless. So...mind the waves.

After walking, reversing tassles, flipping the ring, and throwing our hats, I went to the gym to say goodbye and mingle. I have been to a few hug-intensive events, but I don't think I have ever hugged/been hugged so much in such a short period of time. All my friends in my class, many acquantances from my class, friends in the junior class, acquantances in the junior class, friend's parents, my mom and sister, teachers...there was lots of hugging.

Then home, where I got lasagna and cake, and the book 'What The Bleep Do We Know!?' (about Quantum Mechanics) from my mom. Then hung out for a bit with my girlfriend, which is always awesome in its own right.

Yeah, today's been pretty great. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself for the rest of the summer.


What I do like:

Money from colleges. In this case, almost $9000 from VCU, mostly in the form of grants with one loan and a tentative work-study grant. The work-study requires that I work for VCU, doing community service, or work for AmericaReads teaching K-3 graders how to read competently and independently. Hopefully I'll be able to get in on some of that and I think that'll come down to more than half of my tuition taken care of. Hurrah.

I'm still kind of angry that all moms aren't as cool as mine though.

Who I don't like:

Moms that mess up my plans for the weekend. The end.


Up and up.

I have finished all of my full days of school. The next milestone comes on Tuesday, which is the last time I'll be at my internship. Then Thursday, which will be the last day I attend classes in any form. I thought for the longest time that I'd be sad about it, but it's really hard to even be neutral. Most of the time (almost in spite of myself) I'm just somewhat happy.

School today was full of overblown sentimentality. Year books came in today during lunch, so lunch was spent poring over them and the blocks after lunch spent passing around and signing them. Probably the nearly constant theme in my yearbook comments to other people was that it was hard to summarize four years and still do our experiences justice. I've received some pretty great comments from other people so far, and hope to get a few more in there next week. I'd like to look at the yearbook years down the road and remember most of the people who signed it without turning through the pages to find their picture. I have a fairly colossal memory, so I don't think this is an unreasonable goal.

And there's a, uhm, lady in my life. She's extremely awesome. I'm going to continue the policy of not writing about people who are not me. But, well, the more you know, I guess.

I mentioned earlier that tennis is over, which I brings me (sort of) to this point. I've been wondering recently about continuing to play. Of course I'll always play it, it's just that another summer of hitting around with the same person doesn't appeal to me. Last summer it was great because we both got a lot better and had the rest (and most important year) of our high school careers ahead of us. This year, I'm not too hot on my prospects for joining a college team (aside from maybe an intramural one). What I may end up doing is looking for low-level tournaments hereabouts. I think those might be fun, even if I end up getting my ass handed to me by some country club court-rat.

I'm going to go lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling.