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Daniel the Hedonist

This all stems from an internet quiz I took a few days ago (which can be found here) which helps you to see what philosophies you subscribe to. I scored as 75% strong egoism and 65% existentialism. Neither of which is surprising, considering I just finished two Rand books and I've been on something of an existentialist kick for awhile. What's surprising is that I also scored as 75% hedonist. After some thought, though, it makes sense and demonstrates an interesting blend of existentialist and egoist (or objectivist) thought.

One of the things I've picked up from reading existentialist books is that one chooses what one is. It is important to remember that there is a fundamental difference in what one wants to be (I want to be have the physique of a Greek god and fly, that does me no good) but rather what one chooses (I choose to play tennis and write high-brow blog posts; this determines my reality). In the same vein, one chooses (sometimes despite what one wants) whether they feel happy, sad, ambivalent or something else.

And then there's Rand's Objectivism, the main belief of which could be stated as: "Reason is the only absolute and one's happiness their only goal." Which can be a rather hedonist point of view, obviously.

This leads to an odd blend, wherein one can take pleasure in not only pleasure, but the quest for it as well. Essentially, enjoying the journey just as much as the destination. The hedonist that learns to do this, to enjoy the moments of quiet and solitude amid his pleasures, has truly mastered himself. The pleasure-seeker who finds his pleasure in the seeking is a king among men.

For the record, I blame these last two posts partially on The Rebel. Camus does this to me.


Blogger Jadewolff said...

First of all, LOVE Camus. Have you read "A Happy Death" yet?

I scored
Existentialism - 95%
Hedonism - 75%
Justice (Fairness) - 60%

Does this imply that I care for justice/fairness only after I care for myself and I choose to be this way then? I'd say it was pretty much on target.

8:16 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

Haven't read that, but I'll definitely check it out on my next round of book buying.

From Camus, I've read the Myth of Sisyphus (which goes with The Rebel fairly well, even though they're both thick reading), The Stranger (which was awesome) and The Plague (which was similarly awesome).

4:43 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

85% Utilitarianism
80% Existentialism
65% Hedonism
45% Justice (Fairness)

I basically said that we should love our neighbors.

8:32 PM


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