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Spring Break So Far

While I don't intend for this blog to become a chronicle of my injuries, right now the thought foremost in my mind is that my head hurts. Not from a bump or bruise or anything of that sort, but because of the (relatively) massive amount of sun I've been getting the past few days. Coupled with rather short hair, one can only imagine the sun burn that must be up there. I can't see it, or I'd describe it better.

My spring break's been pretty good, really. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all spent lounging about the house due to the afforementioned sore thigh. Tuesday featured three-ish hours of tennis, leading up to an open court at Prince George on Wednesday. That was kind of a let down, as 14 teams were invited and 8 people showed up (5 from PGHS, 3 from ARGS). While it was definitely fun, the real highlight of the day was when I discovered that the kids I played (one of whom beat me and the other of whom was slightly below my skill level) were PGHS's 11th and 12th seeds. I'm a strong 2nd seed. AAA schools don't play.

Today, I was caught up in some foolhardy volunteering and spent the majority of my day at Kings Dominion doing 'Loss Prevention'. This basically consisted of checking people's bags to make sure that they didn't have guns, knives, pepper spray or other contraband and ushering people through metal detectors. For the record, you should not try to walk through a metal detector immediately after handing your bag and your keys/cell phone through. Ga-duh. It was fun though, and I definitely don't regret doing it. And I've got a free ticket on the way and got some time in the park after my 'shift' ended. Take this as you will, but one of the things that most impressed me was the engineering involved in some of the rides or facets thereof.

In reality (rather than Spring Break), I've more or less decided on going to VCU. Hopefully I'll be able to transfer to Tech or NCSU after a year or two (since any engineering program's going to be basically the same for the first couple years anyway, it's no great loss). VCU was my safety, and for a long time I just hoped it didn't come down to VCU. But now that I'm faced with the decision, it really doesn't bother me that much. I think I've just become impervious (some may say numbed) to disappointment, because it has no real affect on me.


Anonymous jess said...

Wrong. Tech is the worst place ever to get to take engineering transfer credits.

12:22 AM

Anonymous jess again said...

Unless you've taken the pre-eng classes at ARGS and have Simmers come up and bitch.

12:23 AM


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