Now More Happier.


A Night of Giants

I live for nights like last night. We (the tennis team) and the soccer team got out of school at about 2 to head to Essex High for an afternoon of athletic competition. The tennis team got a pretty easy victory, winning 8-1 and more or less dominating in every victory. Our first seed couldn't show up, due to a model UN thing, but our seventh still held his own and got a win. It was pretty sad (for Essex). The soccer team had a much more exciting game, culminating in an overtime victory with 2 minutes left on the clock. We rushed the field, and that was fun. The camaraderie on the bus on the way back to Petersburg was like nothing else. It's always fun to take a bus to an away game, but it's much cooler to do so with another team. The more the merrier, I guess.

I'm hesitant to say that things are on the up and up, but it would be nice.


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