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General Update

I hate to give excuses for writing, but this time I feel obligated. I've got nothing better to do, and I can't log into World of Warcraft. Ergo, blog post.

The bad moods of a few posts ago have, gradually, faded into the night of emotions. With the exception of a few moments of melancholy introspection, I'm doing swimmingly. At worst, I'm a little gloomy and at best outright happy. Things could certainly be better, but with tennis, school work and graduation coming up, I'm able to find ample distraction for myself.

Speaking of tennis, my current record is 2-1, soon to be 3-1. Last night was probably some of the best competitive tennis I've ever played. I more or less manhandled the first seed (best player) of Dinwiddie's team, beating him 8-4 and thoroughly mindfucking him. I then teamed up with Josh to play an amazing doubles game, described by some as 'beautiful'. We won the first seed doubles 8-4. It's the first time that my summer of work has really shown itself - during the first game I was far too nervous to play well and the Essex game wasn't even a test of skill. I've beaten people pretty soundly in challenge matches during practice, but I've lost a couple times too and they don't really count anyway.

Lastly, I'm almost done with Atlas Shrugged. I think I'm going to find a book to read in between it and The Fountainhead so that I don't have a Rand overload. Don't take that to mean, however, that it is not really, really good. Everybody should read it. Objectivism lines up with my beliefs pretty well, and it's a good story on top of that. My only problem, and it's not huge, is that the philosophy is added to the story very obviously. That is, most of it is contained in long speeches by one or two characters and simply exemplified (but not often explained) by others. On the whole, though, it's a phenomenal book.

Synopsis: Life's alright.


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