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The Ever-Suffering

For the second time in a month I heard myself compared to the Buddha today. This time it was from a teacher I hold in rather high esteem. But I'm not really sure where the aforementioned comparison comes from. Wisdom? Maybe; I've got it, anyway...beyond my years, certainly. But it's been earned and I'm capable of making dumb decisions just like the next guy, so maybe it's a moot point. Suffering? I bear it. Everyone experiences it, it passes. Life moves on, I dwell and then try to follow. Peace? Hardly ever, but I try. If my life were a movie or a book, the quest for peace (and its unattainability) would probably be the overarching theme.


Graduation is coming up, and it's definitely as bittersweet as I expected last year. I miss my graduated friends (who I rarely talk to these days) and I'm going to miss my not-quite-yet graduated friends come August. There's a wall in school of people's names and the colleges they've gotten into, and walking past it is like looking into a myriad of futures. I can see my classmates in college somewhere far, far away...but the other students have the same faces as the people that go to my school. It's hard to imagine a world beyond ARGS, yet it's so tantalizingly close. It's kind of scary, and I'd be willing to bet that the end of June will suck. But life goes on and so must we.


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Personally, I wasn't all that close to my high school friends but I did have other friends that I wouldn't see regularly. I was just so excited that I couldn't see past what a great opportunity this was enough to be saddened by leaving them behind. June may be sad but you'll probably be too excited in August to worry about much.

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