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Improvement, Thy Name Is Daniel

It's nice to see a half year's worth of work pay off. Today, after my internship, I played some tennis with the up-and-coming number 1 seed, Josh. Allow me to digress for a moment: the title of 'up-and-coming number 1 seed' is in some dispute. I hold out that my summer of practice more than makes up for his natural ability. He holds out that his astronomical improvement (where he went from never playing before to being second seed) will only repeat itself, though this time he is already, as he says, a hero. Anyway, we played a very good friendly game, two out of three to six. I won both games (6-1 6-3), though I did not win bragging rights which we agreed would require a 6-1 6-1 victory.

This all brings me to a point I'd like to make, though, which is that the feeling I have right now and had immediately after I played is the greatest reason to play tennis. Afterwords, a sort of mild euphoria appears, and through the golden haze the entire world seems brighter. Even dehydration seems like a blessing. It's something akin to a runner's high. It fades, rather quickly, into total fatigue. The same muscle fibers that were so recently brilliant and full of life are now lethargic and crying for sleep. A fog runs through the mind, and while one can clearly see the effects of everything, one can do nothing about it. It's got to be experienced to be truly known.

Also during the game, there was a single point which was absolutely amazing. I wish I could remember it clearly, but it's all a blur. It involved a good serve (from me), a good return, and then a flurry of running to the net and running back and from one side to the other on both of our parts. We shook hands after that game and were both impressed with ourselves.

My tennis racquet can be my inanimate girlfriend.


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