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Ushering in the New Year

I'll start by taking a look at what I was thinking about at this time last year, and contrasting with how I feel about these things this year:

I was anxious about my friends going to college, and seeing them once they were gone. I learned to deal with this, and while it still occasionally strikes me as odd that I can walk down the hallway and not see some of these people, I've seen them far more than I thought I was going to be able to.

I was worried about college, and wanted to go to one in California. Now that I've put on my Realist Glasses (tm), I'd be happy with just getting into college. I'm not really unduly worried, except about my habit of procrastinating and then turning in things (such as essays) before they're really ready.

I was still smarting, somewhat, from a girl. Not this year! Ha. I also kept a real journal, which I never actually did write in again. It was wonderful when I didn't have this outlet, but having both just strikes me as redundant.

I needed to finish my VJAS project. This year, I need to start it. It's due on Tuesday. I'm going to complete it Wednesday and turn it in for five points off, probably.


All of this, though, doesn't even begin to cover how much I've changed. I used to occasionally muse over the change in myself and my friends from one year to the next, but while those were marked, the changes that I've undergone both physically and mentally in the past twelve months are rather amazing.

Firstly, I started playing tennis in February of last year, going from almost no physical activity on a daily basis to about two hours of running and swinging a racquet and things of that nature every weekday. This, of course, begat a variety of changes in my physique which I am extremely happy with. And, harmoniously, being in better physical shape made me a much happier person. I started dressing differently this year, and some people have told me that I've come out of my shell this year. Nay, I say to them, I came out of my shell some time last year. You just didn't notice.

I also got a summer job at a millwork, which I feel I've talked about more than adequately. Suffice to say, the job had more of a benefit than padding my wallet. I was, at the end of the summer, in the best shape of my life.

But a more masculine physique is not the only way I've changed, no sir. I've become more erudite in nature, focusing on the joys of the English language and also learning for learning's sake on my own time. Wikipedia is, in large part, to blame for this. Free information on almost any topic is amazing and irresistable when I've got nothing better to do than read.

I've become, recently, far more introspective and analytical of my thoughts. Oddly enough, however, I've also come to appreciate company much more. It used to be that I could sit in my room for days with nothing but my computer and a book for company and be perfectly happy. Now I feel like I'm dieing inside if I have nothing to do with other people for more than a few days.

I can drive now, and it is wonderful. Most of my friends can also drive, which leads to us doing far more now than we used to. Unfortunately, there haven't been any decent parties in awhile, but hopefully this draught will end soon and I can go back to enjoying weekends with by pals.

Another, more recent change, is that the amount of people I would call 'pals' has increased steadily since school started. Mostly, I think, because my older friends have moved off to college, leaving a bit of a void. This void was filled with juniors and a few sophomores and even a couple freshmen. Daniel is truly a man of the world, now.

I can't think of a good way to summarize my year. It certainly had its high points, and it certainly had its down points. Over all, I think it went rather well. Hopefully this one will be even better. I've evolved, and I'm happier for it. Now, to take on the world.

And another thing that's different between last year and this year: THIS YEAR I GRADUATE, BITCHES. WHAT WHAT.

edit: And as you've probably noticed, dear reader, there's a new template. I like the colors.


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