Now More Happier.



Tomorrow is a) the last day of school until next Monday and b) the day I get to see my brother and sister-in-law. Now, the first one is cool just on general principle, but it pales in comparison to the second. They are both cool, and now I get to see them, and I think this Thanksgiving will be a bit happier than last year.

Oh, and I got SAT scores back today.
730 reading
580 math
650 writing

which comes out to a 1960 in the current scale, or about a 1310 on the old scale. The sad thing is that I retook them in the hopes of bringing my math score up from a 580 to a 600 - the difference of a few questions answered correctly - and it stayed the same. The parts I didn't worry about, reading and writing, improved. My scores when I took it in June, for reference, were 690, 580, 610. I hope I can still get into a decent Comp Sci program.


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