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Ugh, busy day.

Normally my days are a little rushed, but today was flat out busy. School is pretty much a blur until 8th block, which I spent partially in school, putting up torn-out magazine pages and partially driving through Petersburg on a quest for cardboard. You see, I'm firmly entrenched in a project for 2D design which requires a massive amount of cardboard. I got a whole lot (26 boxes and 16 sheets that are about 10-12 feet long and a few feet wide) for a very little (free). I think everyone in the class - all 4 of us - will be meeting on Saturday to do a lot of work on it, which I guess could be fun. And, if we get a chance to do it right, it should look pretty cool.

After school, I helped Trevor finish up his gallery space. We got a lot more done than it looks like, but it's definitely a cool little room. And right now, my hands look like artist hands, which makes me feel very pretentious. I don't want to go into too much detail, but anyone who reads this should check out the ARGS room at PRAC at FftA. ASAP.

Family, you all should stop reading here unless you're up to don't want to learn things like this from, of all places, my blog.

When I got home, I spent a few minutes bullshitting with my mom...just the normal 'How was your day?' 'It was alright...just busy. Yours?' 'Oh, it was alright.' Except then she told me she's engaged now. I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about it, but I think I'm enough over the divorce that it's ok. Jesse is a good guy, and this makes both of them happier and definitely doesn't negatively effect it's all good in my book.

I also heard that my aunt had a brain aneurism. I don't know too much, but hopefully she'll be ok...she got operated on and the excess fluid in her brain was removed, then she was flown to the hospital in Pittsburgh (she lives about 1-2 hours away by car). From what I'm told, she has eaten and drank since then, which means she's atleast not a vegetable. I'm hopeful right now that she'll be back to normal eventually - she's really a cool lady, so this really sucks. I guess it hasn't hit me yet, it'll probably happen some time tomorrow when I've had a little bit of quiet time. Still...I feel for my uncle and cousins.

I'm really glad teachers don't bother to give homework anymore, or I'd never get anything worthwhile done.

edit: On a completely different note, I need to get my tennis racquet's been far too long since I've played against someone else.


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