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I think that what I need, more than almost anything else in the world, is a female friend who is nice to talk to and...hmm...I suppose discreet would be the right word. Because right now, (a) girl(s) fucking confuse me, and I sort of want to get it off my chest, but this is not the right place for that.

And I have no place for that, except to myself, and I already think about these things too much. Normally I'm a fairly linear thinker, a -> b -> c -> d, but with certain subjects it's more like a -> c -> f -> a, ad nauseum. I suppose eventually I'll come to some sort of conclusion, but I also suppose it will be an empty success.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, guys are just as confusing to me as girls are to you, lol.


1:39 PM

Blogger Princess Sara said...

Catching up on my blog-reading.

I think what you need is a good sister-in-law to talk to and conveniently enough, you have one. So that begs the question; why don’t you use her? I’ll just be here eagerly awaiting your response.

2:16 PM


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