Now More Happier.


Bred for speed.

I heard somewhere that you can tell which racing dogs are the good ones by watching them when they're walked around the ring. The ones that are pulling at their leashes are the good ones. I get that feeling in my car sometimes, when I'm stuck behind some jackass doing 45 in a 55, when I want to be going 65. Lately I've been feeling this in school, and at the internship, and just sitting around at home. Like there's something that I'd like to reach, but I'm being held back.

Lately a bit of a slump has developed in my Graphic Design pursuits...I'm unsatisfied with my work, and even though I've got a visual, I can't quite reach it. I end up trying a dozen different little tricks, and even though they sort of work, they're not good enough. I get frustrated and retreat back into trying to learn CSS, a goal I'd like to reach by mid-December.

I'm pretty sure the two are related, but it's anyone's guess as to how.


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