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I'm not sure why this rates its own post, but's my blog and I'll do what I want. And you'll like it, so there.

Sometimes (alright, a lot of the time), I wonder if there's a gestalt that we're all somehow tapped into. I'm a pretty scientific guy, but I'm capable of making leaps of faith when they seem to be supported by evidence I can't just explain away as coincidence. Now that I think about it, that's a pretty good description of agnosticism, my label of choice. Usually I just wonder about it for a minute or two and then decide that until I can harness it and take over the world, I don't really care.
Not too long ago, though, I watched a movie in 2D Design called Waking Life. It's extremely interesting but it's a whole lot to take in at once because it's almost non-stop input. One of the things mentioned in this movie is a study about crossword puzzles. Apparently, the group of people that did them performed much better when the puzzles were a day or two old - basically, after everyone else had done them. If this isn't just made up to support whatever the characters in the movie were talking about, it'd be really interesting to read. I just think about all of this at random times and wonder about possibilities. I guess it's better than reading because it's more active.

Maybe one day when I'm feeling a tad more philosophical or scientific (take your pick!), I'll make a post about quantum suicide/immortality.


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Follow up:

Today I got out of Anatomy to go talk to a teacher down in the basement. As I walk back to class (the long way), I pass the area where I knew a certain someone would be. I know it sounds silly, but I read too much sci-fi, so I start thinking her name and about the gestalt and about her face and sort of a 'come here' feeling. I chuckle at myself, and then the door from the sub-basement opens. All I say is, "Wierd."

I don't think she got it.

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