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Second thoughts.

Government is not as much fun as I thought it'd be. Instead of being a class where people intelligently discuss their ideas and beliefs, it's a class where the same 10 people inelloquently express the same 2 ideas and beliefs. :(


Blogger Trevor said...

I hate my class. nobody pays attention except for like, 2 people, ms patterson has no control over us and I think that its gonna be horrible this year.

there are too many fuckin hippies, scenster/liberal/ignoramus/you should talk people, richmond kids who think they are more intelligent than peopel not from the gayest city in the world, and other little peeves that make ARGS bile.

I mean, I am not going to pay attn in gov't, but only b/c i dont want to look like the fuckin dork who pays attn in that class. i think im the only socialist in there too. alex should have been in there with me.

2:15 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

*you shouldn't talk people

2:16 AM

Blogger Joshua said...

You don't want to be the dork that pays attention because you're trying to fit into a group of not-dorks? Conformist. ;)

10:47 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

My class breaks down to something like
4 radical liberals (counting Ms. P)
15ish moderate liberals
2 moderate conservatives
0 reactionaries

I can't wait for abortion day.

6:46 PM


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