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My classes.

So now that I've had a full day of each of the classes, this is how they are.

Block 1 - English 12. We started reading Beowulf, which is sort of interesting. I'm not a big fan of non-modern writing styles because they're usually hard to follow, and especially not a fan of prose in poem form.
You know, just
breaking up sentences
randomly like
this. That shit
is dumb.
Get wider columns, you neanderthals.
The class, I suppose, will be bad because the teacher is supposedly not very good. However, I'm sure I'll get a decent grade and hopefully she's not as bad as Ms. Kirby last year.

Block 2 - Pre-Cal. This class...not so great. The teacher is a talking nazi, and there's lots of weird work. Like, after class, we have to write a reflection on how we felt the class went. And we have to take notes for homework. Isn't that what the fucking class is for? Argh.

Block 3 - Applied Programming. I've been waiting 4 years to take this class. I'd better fucking learn something. It's game programming, and so hopefully it'll be better than the standard, "Mr. Smith needs a program that calculates his interest when he borrows money from Larry the Loan Shark so he can go get hookers and pot."

Block 4 - Infinity Project II. This class might be cool, I'm not really sure what we're going to do. At the very least, it'll give me a chance to check up on Fark, my e-mail, and play flash games.

Block 5 - Technology Independent Project. Basically, I help Ms. Joyaux (an art teacher) out. Last year, when schedules were done, I had planned to take this class, then take a graphic design class with her and just do the cool assignments. However, we got a new graphic design teacher, so that didn't quite work out. So now I'm basically an intern, with my project right now being renaming files for her art history class. It is lots of fun.

Block 6 - Anatomy I. We're dissecting pigs. Mine's name is Wilbur. It is a female. I am compassionate.

Block 7 - Government CC. This class is going to be very interesting. It's an open discussion a lot of the time, and there's quite a few liberals and quite a few conservatives. I can't wait until we talk about abortion.

Block 8 - 2D Design. I took this class mostly because it has the word 'design' in the title. It's a very small class, me being a quarter of the students in it. We're making a movie or something, I'm not really sure. Mostly we just sit around quietly.


Blogger Joshua said...

Good luck with the pig. I only had to do a frog. You should check out this BBC series... it's a bit of a download and it's in 3 parts, but it's worth it.

10:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Minson said that lastyear, JL cut off the pig's head and started juggling it around, for the fun of it, at the very beginning of the dissection..


--Mary V

7:42 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

fuck JL and his milf

9:46 PM


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