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What sucks.

On pretty much every Monday in a long string of Mondays I have been injured in some way. From falling between a truck and a shed, to tripping while carrying a large window and having that fall on my (other) leg to scratching the hell out of my arms whilst moving trim. This morning's injury, however, was by far the worst. All of last week, the weekend before that, and this weekend, I had been telling myself that this week was going to be my last. Thinking about it this morning, however, I realized I had erred. With a sinking feeling, I opened the calendar by double clicking on the time and began reading the dates. When I had my answer, I almost cried.

Two more weeks to go.


Blogger Trevor said...

$600 more.


thats sad


you make more money then i will by the time summer is over

seriously daniel

7:31 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

You also got to spend your summer doing what you felt like doing, instead of breaking your back in an oven so shut it cupcake.

4:23 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

i got to do what i want, for nothing.

5:44 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah, you could've been working and losing summer for money you won't spend anytime soon.

8:37 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

And also I wish I got $600 for an extra week, or even two. Shut it, Nancy.

10:05 PM


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