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One of those weeks.

So far, this week has not been a very good week. On one hand, I told my boss I wasn't going to be working during or after the last week of august, so I've got some free time before school starts. On the other, the guy I usually ride with hurt his back and will be out all week, I have a big, nasty cut on my leg, a friend of mine is (probably) currently knocked out by pain killers after surgery on her knee, and to top it all off, my sister's been locked up after testing positive for coke and pot in a random drug test at court. As an aside, that is one big run on sentence of suck.

And it's only Tuesday. I hope I don't get hit by a train.

Clarification edit: I decided to take a week off to go school shopping and hopefully catch up with some friends before they go to college or just to hang out with them before we start seeing each other in school, or just to hang out at home and relax between the physical labor of work and the mental labor of school.

The guy I usually ride with hurt his back moving trim or something, hopefully he'll be alright to work though and even though he looked like he was in a lot of pain, it'll be nothing major.

At the mill, we have a shed for stairs, doors, windows and things of that nature which is seperate from the main shop. This shed has bays for the trucks which sort of come out of the wall, which the trucks back up to. Unfortunately, Monday morning the truck was backed up at an angle to the bay. After loading a rather large flight of stairs, I backed into the shed. Or would've, but my foot managed to land in just the right place and miss both the truck and the floor. I have a sideways T looking cut on my leg just above my knee now. If anyone asks, it was from knife fighting. Or a T for Trevor.

The friend of mine's having surgery so that her kneecap stops popping out of place or something, and hopefully it won't hurt her anymore so that'll be good after the crutches and physical therapy.

My sister's just as stupid as a box of hair.


Blogger Trevor said...

holy shit dude - i hope everything works out.

10:07 PM


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