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Today was my last day of work. I am free, and have mad chedda. School starts September 6, and as of now I can not wait to go back because compared to my working hours, I'll be waking up later and getting home earlier. In addition to that, I've got a fairly good schedule - I shouldn't be buried under tonnes of work, but it should be challenging enough to keep me from coming in half an hour late every day. Then, of course, will be tennis season, which I've been eagerly anticipating since pretty much the end of last year's tennis season. (No offense, Trevor, but it will be nice to play people who aren't you.) This will be a good, bittersweet year.

I await it with breathless, heart-stopping, throat-tightening, nail-biting, black-guy-running-behind-you anticipation.


Blogger Trevor said...

I think the living cost in California will be tough. I would expect to make under $800-$950 to survive decently, taking $600-$700 for the apartment, and $100 for gas prices on 40 mpg.

Thats is gas is $3 a gallon, and If I drive like 40 miles+ a day.

I think If I spend freely, my pay check from Marshalls will end up as $4000 in my checking account, as of the last friday in July next summer. I guess I (hopefully We) move to California in early August. Damn it, it'd gonna be fuckin tough.

btw, this comment is like a synopsis of my lates post on my blog, which is my new personal longest entry. I was just clearing my head about the future tho, you should do the same, it'd be an interesting read :).

Good luck with saving money, getting into Harvey-Mudd and lowering gas prices for everyone.

2:03 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

well. i do believe my incorrect usage of synopsis is totally gay.

2:06 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

so aapparentyl gas is more than $3 a gallon. my bad.

2:15 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

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2:15 AM


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