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Big dumb car.

The mobility that comes from having a car is awesome. However, the false promise is not. Case in point, I was about ready to run out and get something to eat for lunch. I'm here alone this weekend and there's just not much here. With paycheck money in my wallet and a hunger in my stomach, it was time to go scare up some food. I unlock my car door, mutter about ovens, and put the key in the ignition. *Click*. Nothing. Shift down, back up. Nothing. Curse the gods of my forefathers. Nothing. Broken and defeated, with paycheck money still firmly in wallet and hunger undoubtedly in stomach, I walked back inside.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

An even better reason to put some money in savings: a new car!

10:12 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

It's the starter. They're expensive. I'm just going to wing it until either a new one becomes absolutely necessary (right now, the car can be started, it just takes some work) or I have enough spare money.

I also took the advice of my awesome big brother (and sister-in-law :D) and opened a savings account too when I opened my checking account.

9:58 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

find a starter at the junkyard

12:19 PM


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