Now More Happier.


May You Live in Interesting Times.

Again, I've fallen into the habbit of not posting very often. I write about this alot, because it takes up space, and I am unsatisfied with 5 line posts. I am writing about this again because I feel obligated to write about something other than my awesome new tennis racquet. If you guys are all lucky, there might be one, maybe even two more posts about this between now and when school starts! Anyway, if you're really interested in living my life vicariously, my day goes something like this:

6:30 - Wake up.
7:30 - Out for work
7:55 - Clock in
8:00 - 4:30 - Work. Curse the bourgeoisie.
5:00 - Get home
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Tennis
9:30-10:30 - Beddy-bye time for the pretty little princess.

And that's basically it. Hence lack of posting, because there's not really much worth posting about.


Fruit of my back.

My first paycheck went towards insurance for this month. However, the second went straight towards one of these babies. Today, it got here. And lo, it is good. The grip might be a size or two too small, but this can be fixed with overgrips. This work thing, though shitty, just might be ok after all.

Also, fuck you spoiled bitches that can sit in an air conditioned office all day. I work in a freaking shed, and it's going to be 100 degrees next Monday. Jerks.



Recently, this has entertained my very much. It's simple, easy to use, and you can show everyone your work without too much hassle. The only downside is that I keep hitting Ctrl Z to undo, and a few other photoshop shortcuts. However, here's my favorite punctuation mark and here's my favorite acronym. It is great fun.


Big dumb car.

The mobility that comes from having a car is awesome. However, the false promise is not. Case in point, I was about ready to run out and get something to eat for lunch. I'm here alone this weekend and there's just not much here. With paycheck money in my wallet and a hunger in my stomach, it was time to go scare up some food. I unlock my car door, mutter about ovens, and put the key in the ignition. *Click*. Nothing. Shift down, back up. Nothing. Curse the gods of my forefathers. Nothing. Broken and defeated, with paycheck money still firmly in wallet and hunger undoubtedly in stomach, I walked back inside.



If plates are happy when they're empty, wallets must be the opposite. After my first paycheck ever, my wallet is now $230 happier. This work thing isn't so bad anymore.