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An update.

Today was the last full day of school, which is a good thing. Tomorrow is sport's banquet, in which I will get my letter. Sunday is steak and shrimp night at dad's house. The week following is exam week, and the week after that is start making $8/hour for manual labor week. Needless to say, this is a good state of affairs.
Unfortunately for me, it comes with a bittersweet pill, which I've written about before but might as well address again. Many of my friends are seniors, and now they are gone. Thursday was their last day of school, and hopefully I'll be able to make it to graduation (a certain somebody said they'll get me a ticket, hopefully that'll work out). After which, I'll never see many of them again. These people who I've befriended, grown up with and who have been at least in the background for the past 3 years of my life are now about to exit my life. This makes me sad, but I suppose that, like countless generations of rising seniors before me, I'll suffer through it.

There was more that I wanted to write about, but my mind has wandered and I've forgotten the rest of the plan.

[Update @ 8:55PM]
Finally remembered that what I wanted to write about my was my desire to make something. Preferrably using the biggest tool for creating something I know how to use, Photoshop. I'm just not sure what, or when, or why. I haven't made something anyone not being majorly generous would call art in a long time. I've made some nice posters and pamphlets and the like that I've been very satisfied with, but those were all for school. As I'm thinking about it right now, I'd like to make something that communicates the feelings of the above post, but how I would do this is still shrouded in mystery. This is why I am not an artist - this 'I know what I want to do, but how do I do it?' feeling annoys the shit out of me.


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