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School's out for summer, and it is good. I got a ticket to graduation, because Ashlee is awesome. VNV Nation's new CD kicks ass, and once again I have every song put on an album by them. Unfortunately, they seem to be on a quest to make me a sad, sad Daniel.

Their Matter + Form release tour comes through DC today. When I first heard of it, it was 18+, a few months short of my 18th birthday. Fast forward to earlier this week, and the show's been changed to All Ages. Not only that, tickets are still available and $20 each. Bad news? 2 day FedEx shipping for them would almost double the price of the ticket. Worse news? Even if I could've gotten that $40 and gotten the tickets on time, the concert is today. Meaning that while I'm watching my friends graduate, a bunch of insufferably lucky people are going to be rocking out in DC. :(.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Sorry, I haven't checked in for a bit. I need updates in the following areas:

1-How was prom?
2-When will the SAT scores be arriving?
3-Where will you be working?

Love you and wish you were here!

1:01 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

1 - Prom was alright. I had some problems with the DJ (the fact that there were 0 slow dances at freaking prom bugs me), but other than him it was good.

2 - In the mail early July, on the internet Monday.

3 - Lail Wood Mill, basically my job is to load and unload trucks, sweep shop, ride along in trucks to help unload at homes/construction sites and other various manual labor type tasks.

5:47 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

yay. school's out1

12:20 PM


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