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Of Plans.

It's been a long time since I've posted anything worthwhile, and I'm sorry. More or less since the start of tennis season and the late, exhausted days that came with it. That's over with now, but I've got a new hobby and something I hadn't bargained for - a deep desire to be good at it. Not simply passable, not simply someone who can win games, but genuinely good at something which I like doing. Another thing I didn't bargain for, I'm probably in the best shape of my life right now. This is an excellent feeling. I even have muscles, which is, while satisfactory, an odd state of affairs for someone whose main exercise was, for years, walking to the bus stop. However, it can be better, and I intend to make it better.

Which is where the title of this (somewhat coherent) post comes in.

Later today, hopefully I'll be going to a few places to apply for a summer job. American Family Fitness, a YMCA, and a Target. The first two because they might have (indoor, hopefully) tennis courts. The third because I hope that nepotism is alive and well in America's retailers.

Basically, the plan for this summer consists of: Tennis, working (and the money that comes with it) and getting in better shape. I hope it works out, because that would be nice.


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