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In the rush of doing nothing, I totally missed this blog's 1 year anniversary. As of 4-27-05, it has existed for one year. Yay.


Blogger Trevor said...

nice. you have been a nub for 1 yr now.

7:58 PM

Blogger Joshua said...

1) a year... wow
2) green pimp shoes? WTF is wrong with good ol Doc Martens or something else (I need new shoes myself the black Sketchers I have are 3 years old now and getting holes)
3) PROM?!!? just, wow. you have all of my coolness and yet way more sociability. you=sux0r

11:32 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

I can't play tennis in Docs, and that's really why I needed the shoes.

3:32 PM


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