Now More Happier.


One of those days.

Today started out pretty normally, I woke up, looked for something to eat, came back to my room dissatisfied and continued with the normal weekend routine. Eventually, it just became one of 'those days.' I'm not really happy, not really sad, just irked at nothing in particular. I'm not really angry either, but I've got the feeling that the slightest thing will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, so I've been more or less avoiding people all day. Perhaps because it's that time of the week when the cupboards are bare and I'd rather not eat than eat what's available. The same, oddly, goes for drinking. I haven't had anything in respect to that today, because my choices are 1) too sweet kool-aid and 2) water. The first is just gross after the first sip, and I can't muster the energy to go out and get a cup of tasteless, nutritionless ... uh ... water.

Having a car has been pretty cool so far, though. Yesterday I was hungry and I've been wanting General Tsao's chicken for a long time (for reasons unknown), so I drove down the street to a Chinese place and got some. And it was good. That evening, I was feeling really restless, so I drove down to the tennis courts (got lost in Petersburg, found myself, continued trip) and practiced against a wall for somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. That was fun, because I can hit the ball so much harder against the wall than I can normally. It's not exactly useful practice, but destroying that poor tennis ball is way more fun than I would have believed a couple months ago. Today, it's looking like I'll use it to go get fast food, rather than eating macaroni-and-cheese for dinner.


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