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Good times.

Yesterday I went to another party at Dustin's house and ended up staying awake until 4ish, just bullshitting with a couple really cool people for a few hours. Woke up after a couple hours of sleep with a hangover, that sucked. After a few hours of hanging around waiting for people to wake up, six of us went down to Panera Bread Co. for breakfast. (As an aside, I'm pretty sure it's at least owned by the same people who own the St. Louis Bread Co because it's basically the same. Hmm.) After sitting around, eating bread and drinking water and juice, we went down to Maymont Park for awhile. For you non-locals, it's a really nice park in Richmond. We hung out there for awhile, then went to see a showing of a bunch of short films made by people at our school. Some good, some bad, but I wasn't expecting much and it was free, so I'm satisfied. Some time in between the bullshitting and Maymont, I realized why people (or atleast my grandmother) call high school the 'Golden Years'.

My car is now basically functional. All it needs are tires, and I'm pretty sure it will be ready to get inspected by Tuesday. It's a '96 Dodge Stratus now, rather than the '88 Honda Wagovan. My license plates are still fucking awesome.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Yep, Panera=STL Bread.

I'm glad you'll be getting your car soon; take a lesson from your bro and keep an eye on your tire pressure. ;)

8:07 AM


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