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So, spring break ends some time between now and when school ends. I suppose it doesn't really matter. It was as short as I expected and just about as eventful. I did get to play some tennis with Trevor, so that was cool. My car is being worked on and hopefully I'll be driving it around in a week or two, the most optimistic estimate is Thursday.

I helped my dad clean out some closets today, he's finally cleaning out the house to sell it. While it was my home for most of my life, it now contains some rather poignant bad memories and those are why, more than anything else, I don't like spending time over there. It's like when you have a cut in your mouth and you can't stop poking at it with your tongue, even though you want to. He's supposedly moving to Dubois, Pennsylvania within a few months. I'll miss him, but I'm sure with the internet, we'll still keep in touch.

Some time earlier tonight, I decided I'd stay up all night. The current plan is to drink lots of coffee before school, buy a few cans of Starbuck's Frappucino stuff during lunch and drink a couple before tennis, then probably die while playing that. Then come home and collapse, all the while muttering 'Never again.'

Fuck DST.


Blogger Trevor said...

You forgot to mentiona why you were staying up...although I think I know why.

11:56 PM


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