Now More Happier.



What an excellent word. Unfortunately, it sort of describes my recent posting habbits. I guess at the moment there's nothing really to bitch about. I'm liking how school's turning out now. It's quite the change from the hectic 'Write a paper for every class' of late February/early March. SoLs are next week, which is the yearly signal that the end of school is extremely nigh.

I wish I could write more about something interesting or insightful, but there's not really any inspiration. Sorry.



Recently, I think calling my luck bad would be glorifying it by implying that it exists.



This will either be great or complete shit.

Here's hoping for the former!


One of those days.

Today started out pretty normally, I woke up, looked for something to eat, came back to my room dissatisfied and continued with the normal weekend routine. Eventually, it just became one of 'those days.' I'm not really happy, not really sad, just irked at nothing in particular. I'm not really angry either, but I've got the feeling that the slightest thing will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, so I've been more or less avoiding people all day. Perhaps because it's that time of the week when the cupboards are bare and I'd rather not eat than eat what's available. The same, oddly, goes for drinking. I haven't had anything in respect to that today, because my choices are 1) too sweet kool-aid and 2) water. The first is just gross after the first sip, and I can't muster the energy to go out and get a cup of tasteless, nutritionless ... uh ... water.

Having a car has been pretty cool so far, though. Yesterday I was hungry and I've been wanting General Tsao's chicken for a long time (for reasons unknown), so I drove down the street to a Chinese place and got some. And it was good. That evening, I was feeling really restless, so I drove down to the tennis courts (got lost in Petersburg, found myself, continued trip) and practiced against a wall for somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. That was fun, because I can hit the ball so much harder against the wall than I can normally. It's not exactly useful practice, but destroying that poor tennis ball is way more fun than I would have believed a couple months ago. Today, it's looking like I'll use it to go get fast food, rather than eating macaroni-and-cheese for dinner.



So I have a car now, and it (finally) works. Yay.
On the down side, now I need to get a job to pay for gas. This makes me sad.


Good times.

Yesterday I went to another party at Dustin's house and ended up staying awake until 4ish, just bullshitting with a couple really cool people for a few hours. Woke up after a couple hours of sleep with a hangover, that sucked. After a few hours of hanging around waiting for people to wake up, six of us went down to Panera Bread Co. for breakfast. (As an aside, I'm pretty sure it's at least owned by the same people who own the St. Louis Bread Co because it's basically the same. Hmm.) After sitting around, eating bread and drinking water and juice, we went down to Maymont Park for awhile. For you non-locals, it's a really nice park in Richmond. We hung out there for awhile, then went to see a showing of a bunch of short films made by people at our school. Some good, some bad, but I wasn't expecting much and it was free, so I'm satisfied. Some time in between the bullshitting and Maymont, I realized why people (or atleast my grandmother) call high school the 'Golden Years'.

My car is now basically functional. All it needs are tires, and I'm pretty sure it will be ready to get inspected by Tuesday. It's a '96 Dodge Stratus now, rather than the '88 Honda Wagovan. My license plates are still fucking awesome.



So, spring break ends some time between now and when school ends. I suppose it doesn't really matter. It was as short as I expected and just about as eventful. I did get to play some tennis with Trevor, so that was cool. My car is being worked on and hopefully I'll be driving it around in a week or two, the most optimistic estimate is Thursday.

I helped my dad clean out some closets today, he's finally cleaning out the house to sell it. While it was my home for most of my life, it now contains some rather poignant bad memories and those are why, more than anything else, I don't like spending time over there. It's like when you have a cut in your mouth and you can't stop poking at it with your tongue, even though you want to. He's supposedly moving to Dubois, Pennsylvania within a few months. I'll miss him, but I'm sure with the internet, we'll still keep in touch.

Some time earlier tonight, I decided I'd stay up all night. The current plan is to drink lots of coffee before school, buy a few cans of Starbuck's Frappucino stuff during lunch and drink a couple before tennis, then probably die while playing that. Then come home and collapse, all the while muttering 'Never again.'

Fuck DST.