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This can only end poorly.

My room, being an addition to the house, has it's own brick wall. This wall not only muffles sound from the house into my room (and vice versa), it looks damn cool. Seriously, how many other people just have a brick wall in their room? From this, there is a short drywall extension and then the other 3 walls and wall around the door are also drywall. It's sort of hard to describe because it's not a normal shape; you'd really have to see it. I love this room, however...

Earlier tonight, I discovered the brick wall in my room was good for hitting a tennis ball against. The goal is sort of building up my reflexes and reaction time. Unfortunately, this particular wall is also right next to my computer. In front of it is basically my heater, printer and trash can. It's sort of like playing tennis against a minefield. But it's also fun, which is probably why it will end poorly.


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i like your bloggy thingy

much cooler then myspace

um its kendra

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