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I wrote awhile back about wishing I had a car so I could go see a couple bands in Richmond/DC. Now, my sadness comes from my age. I missed VNV Nation last time they were around, which makes me sad as they were a) The first concert I ever saw and b) Totally kick ass. Now they're coming around again, in June. I'm pretty sure I'll have a car by then. The show is 18+.
I turn 18 2 months and 4 days after the DC show. There is no emoticon to express my emotions.

In other news, my mom's back, so that's cool. It really wasn't that different being home alone, but I guess sequestering yourself in your room except to shower, eat and use the bathroom does that to you.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Maybe you should ask your cool older brother for his old ID.

9:33 AM


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