Now More Happier.


Almost great.

Today was a good day, but I didn't even realize how good until I came home. Firstly, I improved a lot at Tennis, both for today and in comparison to yesterday. I'm still not good over all, but I'm decent at serving (for a total n00b) and can be sort of almost competitive against people definitely better than me. I'm not sure how I'll place on the team (there are 6 slots and something like 9 people on the team), but hopefully I'll do alright and get to play occasionally. Our first game is in 12 days, I'm not really sure how good I'll be doing by then. I'm picking things up pretty quick, so probably better.

Also, Jennifer moved out. I never really liked her for reasons unknown even to me. I might've written about her once or twice before - she's basically white trash. Apparently it wasn't terribly dramatic, so that's also a plus. And when my mom and her boyfriend go on vacation in a week, I'm going to be here alone. Partypartypartyparty.

This day would be great if I didn't have to do some dumb homework in a few minutes.


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