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Today was excellent.

I was at school for about an hour, then *BAM* field trip. We went to VCU to check out the Pivot Points exhibition. Then we went to Good Taste, a chinese restaurant in the Fan. I saw my brother's old house (1636 W Grace), where I spent some of the more turbulent, pivotal days of my life. I didn't get a very good look at it, because I was looking for addresses and only noticed it because I saw 1638 go by...but I think the doorway was covered in plywood. Anyway, back to field trip. We went to U of R and looked at Rococo to Revolution and Bonnie Prince Charlie a pair of exhibitions of old French prints, glassware, and busts. Then we walked to another building and saw Silent Spring, an Andy Warhol exhibition and some spiffy rocks from their permanent collection (including a scale replica of the Taj Mahal in alabaster and a 3 foot tall incense burner in jade). If I had any sort of prentions at being an artist, I'd be inspired. We got back to school about 5 minutes after the day ended, meaning I only had to take a short walk to get to my bus and the day was over. Sweet.

I feel the need to write something insightful and introspective, but I'm not really sure how to put it into words. Be on the look out.


Blogger Trevor said...

wow, they changed up the way you add a comment on blogger.

I liked the warhol pieces, especially the panda bear. The art at VCU, however, I did not like. There was one piece that I liked at u of r, but besides that all I saw was-

I can't believe I forgot my damn iPod.

10:20 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah I wasn't a big fan of the paintings at VCU - I'm just not into contemporary art. I liked the sculptures though.

2:41 PM


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