Now More Happier.


Productive day.

Despite the sick day, I did school work. However, it was hyper rad school work. Because this month is Black History month, Friday is Black Panther day at school. In History, the teacher is letting us make posters for extra credit. Here are the 2 I made.

(2550x3300, 893kb)

(2550x3300, 936kb)

Looking at them, it doesn't seem like the big amount of work it turned out to be. I guess the picture doesn't show that I changed the panther like 4 times before just pulling the logo from and messing with that. Except I had to resize it, which made the quality crap. So I went over it with a white brush, and it looks decent. Then I did another copy in tabloid size, which meant more going over with a brush. But I loved every second of it. I'm a far cry from an artist, but I love graphic design.


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