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My school is so weird sometimes.

During fifth block (the first one of the day), I finished my work early and decided to run up to the tennis coach's room to get forms for joining the team. As I'm heading back down, I get asked by a friend whether or not I'm busy. I answer in the negative, and after some confusion, end up going down to a soundproof practice room in the orchestra area. Why? Mini-rave. It ended up being fivish people, listening to music from my MP3 player, dancing spasmodically under (beside?) a strobe light. Then I went back to class. Someone who thrives on getting people in trouble, but who I have something of a friendship with asked me where I'd been. "You'll never believe it," I responded.
He replied with a somewhat predictable, "Where?" I smirked and told him that I'd been at a techno dance party. He didn't believe me.

I want to do that again.


Blogger Trevor said...

too fucking cool. that needs to be in your profile.

9:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we had a lightswitch rave w/ a laptop, a lightswitch and blinkie light things in the room next to what used to be c's room (the other science classroom?)

3:32 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

who was that?

1:14 AM

Blogger Trevor said...

what used to be c's room is now Mr. Myers' room btw. I take pre-calc in there. Its fun.

just no lightswitch raves.

we did have one in stoneking room however, whiles he was gone. Whe nhe returned he said he noticed what hat happened. he was talking with Dr ruffa. So he says for the person to confess, or he'll take off participation points form all of us. The person didnt come forward. I was mad.

He has a video camera on in his room to tape lectures for next year, so i think the girl got caught. She confessed later on though. There wasnt a big punishment though. it wasnt really a big deal. but that fact that he had prof on tape was 1337, if i do say so myself.

1:17 AM

Anonymous jess said...

well blah!

leave it to stoneking to ruin good clean fun.

im sure that we would have had numerous altercations, had i had him while at args...

and who is mr myers? args loses teachers like ... well... 1st yr admin lost money!

and trevor, i dont know who you are either. :p

6:49 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

Mr Myers teaches math, but I don't think that's the right room. I think you mean Mr. Hunt's room; he teaches chemistry.

3:06 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

C was never in hunt's room, that used to be behkom's and before that it was Simmers'. C was always in Myers' room until he moved to the basement.

11:58 PM

Anonymous jess again said...

no no no, not c's or simmers old rooms. the room that in 03, weber and murray had physics or whatever in, that was next to c's room.

4:14 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

thats mr behkom's room now.

7:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


no idea who he is.

unless hes that girls dad that everyone said was a bad teacher. or something.

or was that the other guy?

10:05 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah, that's Mr. Beckom. I liked him as a teacher.

6:59 PM


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