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Ignorance is...bliss?

So, today was Black Panther day. Last week, I saw them as some sort of misguided, needlessly revolutionary, violent and racist group. Then, however, I did some research. Survival programs totally and completely changed my mind. Here is a group that, instead of just talking, whining and buying commercials actually did something. And not only that, they didn't ask the government for help when the government had so obviously turned its back on them. They said, "You don't want to help us? Well, motherfuck you we'll do it on our own." And that, quite simply, rocked my world.

And so what had been a chance to exercise my graphic design skills and get some extra credit in History became a learning experience.

So not only did I make and print a few posters, I printed just a bit over a hundred (111ish) and put them up after school. Hey, I was was the least I could do in return. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a much better use of my time than sitting around and not doing anything.

But today, even after the information table, I heard a surprising amount of misinformation and statements I hesitate to call 'facts' because that would serve only to sully the word.

"The Black Panthers are a racist, violent organization"
Except...the Black Panthers wanted the betterment of all oppressed peoples, and the downfall not of whites, but of those who sought to keep them poor and seperate. They accepted help from whites, yellows, browns, whatever. They, being Marxist-Leninists, saw their struggle not as based on race, but based on class. The rich vs. the poor, not the whites vs. the blacks.
Violent? There was a split in the party, from which the Black Liberation Army formed, which was violent. However, the Black Panthers were unrelated. The founder of the BLA, Eldridge Cleaver, had been kicked out of the Party before this organization was started. At no point in time did the Black Panthers advocate senseless and unnecessary bloodshed.

"The Black Panthers are basically the other end of the KKK"
The KKK is a hate group. Their 'platform' is based on the extermination and/or removal of all minorities. The Black Panthers are a (Black/People's) Power Organization, whose platform is based on the needs of the community. They are not simply a 'Hate everyone who is different' organization, they are an organization with a clear, defined purpose and a means of achieving this.

"The Black Panthers assassinated Malcolm X"
The only problem with this theory is that a) The Black Panthers based themselves around Malcolm X's early expression and later ideology and b) They didn't exist when he was assassinated.

I don't understand why someone would either support or oppose a group they know next to nothing about. And then, when it was possible to learn more, not take that opportunity. Then again, I'm guessing that atleast some of it was simply the 'Anti-Anything' attitude so embraced by some who doubtless see themselves as original revolutionaries.

Fuck blind rebellion.
Fuck blind hate.

[On another note, there was a picture taken. I will get my hands on it.]


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