Now More Happier.


Things are looking up (or God I rock).

So that English paper I didn't do will be on the next 9 weeks, so I'll just do all of my homework this time and get a decent grade then. Also, I got full credit on both exam questions, neither of which I gave a good answer for. Comment on the first one (which can be found farther down the page): "ok. I don't see where this is going..." but hey, 15 points for Daniel. Question #2, which was actually alright but had a conclusion of: "[Henry David Thoreau] was probably the type who would now be wearing 5 year old Chuck Taylors, jeans that are more hole than denim, a Grateful Dead t-shirt, a green plaid and maybe a beret with a socialist star. He also would not shower because being clean makes Mother Earth bleed." also got 15 points (full credit) and the comment "You have an excellent writing style which I like. You should work on it." Overall I got an 85.5, which is either a B or B+, and did a lot better than I expected. So yeah, I'm basically awesome.


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