Now More Happier.


Overwhelmed. Under...timed?

I have way too many projects due. Let's see...
8-10 page paper on 'American Romanticism' with powerpoint. This is for English, and it's probably one of the dumbest assignments ever. It's so amazingly vague and broad. I'm supposed to (I think) find something from today and see how it links with American Romanticism. I think. She was really, really unclear and I don't care enough to answer. I'm seriously considering not doing it. Or would be, if I could convince myself it didn't matter. This is due on the 26th. I haven't even started it yet.
8-10 page paper on the Bill of Rights. This is for History. I actually like this assignment, even though it's killing me. I started with 10, now I'm at like three. But it's a pretty interesting subject and I don't mind writing about or researching it.
VJAS. This consists of: An introduction, methods & materials, results, and a conclusion & discussion. I have the program at a state where I wouldn't mind turning it in - it works and does 11 things, has a help and an about. I'd like to add more to it though, so maybe I'll ask Mr. Murray (my physics teacher) for equations tomorrow, when I'm the only one in class.

These, and all the other homework that I usually end up not doing. I think, much like last year, I'm going to burn out sometime around mid-spring. I really wish that didn't happen because it kills my grades. Fortunately, I have a few cool classes that I really enjoy (History, Team Design, Adv. Programming, occasionally Physics) and look forward to going to school. I like the people, I don't like the work. F'ing work.


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