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News on the March.

It seems like now is the end of the retardedly full house and the beginning of a much less annoying, much more productive state of affairs. Mom has - finally - gotten fed up enough to start removing people from the household.

April was first, even though I didn't write about it. She had been sleeping in my mom's bed, with her and Jesse (the boyfriend). She got moved out to the couch after my room was finished, and bitched and moaned. Boohoo. After one incident, particularly high in drama, she got kicked out. She then, for like two weeks, called mom, dad, and Jesse whining and asking for her place back. I'm not sure if she realizes just how creepy and annoying she was. One down, three to go.

Chris was the most recent, in a story that starts about a week ago. A few local vagrants (being my sister, Chris, Beaver, and probably Ugly Girl/Ashley) were in Chris's car toking up. The drug dealers who live next door fired a gun into the air (which, seeing as how I live right next to them, makes me feel extremely safe) and the police came to investigate. The afformentioned toker-uppers, being extremely intelligent and adept at evading the attentions of the police, ran inside. The police, probably knowing them by name, came to investigate. Pot and 'paraphernelia' were found in his room. Beaver was arrested for something else, and being the highly intelligent person he is, also for resisting arrest. So yesterday, Chris got moved out. He was an alright guy, but I'm glad he's gone. One down, two to go.

Jennifer was supposed to be next, going to Florida to move in with her uncle next weekend. Unfortunately, this doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm not sure about the details, but it looks like she'll be around for awhile longer. It's alright, because she doesn't cause drama and is a relatively clean person. Still, I wish I could write 'One down, one to go.'

And last, and most happily, Ugly Girl/Ashley will be moving out on her 18th birthday, which is March 10. This story also starts about a week ago. Interestingly enough, it took place not ten feet from my door, and I was completely oblivious to it. Someone really needs to alert me when good shit like this starts happening. She lost the key to her room and needed the spare, which my mom has. However, she had been warned previously that if she lost it again, her door would be taken off. She did not respond well to this. In fact, I'm pretty sure she tried to attack Jesse (who is ex-Army), uneffectually. I think my mom tried to hit her (alas, uneffectually). Ugly Girlthen called the police, because apparently Jesse pushed her off him (and I can't blame him. Ick). They were more or less like, "You're a dumb whore. If anything it's mutual combat and you'd both be going to jail." and she was all like, ":(" and then they left. She cleaned everything yesterday (which is ok, because chances are good that she made it dirty). After talking with my mom this morning, she doesn't care. Hahaha.

So anyway, her birthday is March 10. My mom and Jesse will be gone (on a trip to either California or Florida). I'm throwing a party when she moves out.

You are all invited.


Blogger Princess Sara said...

Things are looking up indeed! Tell Ashley to shut up and go suck a dick.

10:46 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

Your blog is so sweet.

1:52 AM


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