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I am so funny.

I'm over at my dad's house again (I mostly come over now to keep him company, since I'm effectively away from the rabble and have a computer at my mom's house) and he went to some boxing thing with a couple friends tonight. I told him that I'd be driving the van, drunk and on the interstate. He didn't believe me, but he did leave his keys here. So, while I didn't get drunk, or drive on the interstate, I did repark the car. It's over about a foot and forward three or four...definitely noticable. I'm seriously considering backing it in, though.


Blogger Daniel said...

It is now backed up into the driveway (poorly, which was only sort of on purpose) and has an empty bottle on the dash.

This has the added benefit of him knowing it's a joke and I didn't go cruising, because I am so much sneakier than that.

9:03 PM

Blogger Trevor said...

you should have thrown up up the steering wheel.

10:47 PM


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