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So, back to school and into the new year. I suppose I'm ready for school, and there's not much I can do about the year being in. Not that it matters much, aside from the fact that I'll have to erase 04 and write 05 on my papers for a few weeks. The only bad thing about 2005 will be that many of my friends are graduating. Good for them, but I'll miss them. I hope I can stay in touch with them, and maybe see them once in awhile.

Which reminds me. Sometime in 2006 (next year, holy crap) - if things go as planned - I'll be in college. In California. It's great, because I'd really like to be somewhere that isn't, well, Virginia. And I'll be about 30 minutes east of downtown LA. And in an awesome school which I really think I'll enjoy going to. However, it'll make staying in touch a little harder. Even with the wonderfulness that is the world wide net, I'll be 4 hours behind my friends that are on real people time.

But I suppose I'll deal with that, much like I deal with everything else - going with the flow. And if we lose touch, it's not my fault, because nobody else made the effort.

Anyway, I think I need to start writing in RealJournal again. With the combination of getting this computer hooked up, not being hurt [ref: that whole 'sarah' situation], and having a room now, I find that there isn't much to write about. But I'd like to keep it up to date, instead of having weeks of gaps, which it does now. Even though none of you know this, because I'm the only one who has seen it.
Neener neener neener.

On a completely different note:
When I moved in with my mom, I noticed that above the sun room (which is now my room), the address was written "Thirty Six Twelve," which would be fine and dandy if the address were 30612. But, in fact, it is 3612. As can be surmised from this, there is a missing hyphen. I mentioned it, laughs were had, it has occasionally been brought back up. Now, at long last, the hyphen has been put up. I took a picture, maybe I'll scan it when I get the roll developed and post it.

And now for something completely different:
I need to motivate myself to go back to work on this physics project. It's a simple C++ program that performs physics equations. It's not that hard, it's just pretty repetitive. Essentially one loop over and over and over again, 11 times. More when I go back to work. In a perfect world, I'd just stick every equation in the physics book in it and then sell copies. In the real world, however, I am really god damn lazy. So that probably won't happen, unless I find some much better incentive than unguaranteed money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were only 3 hours behind when we were in California last year. How does that work?

10:39 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

Because I make dumb math errors once in awhile.

7:18 PM

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