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Germans are so bad ass.

How did we ever win either World War with guys like these opposing us?


A German, the manager of a quarry, wrote his recollections of being swept away.

He was carried off the top of his three-storey office building at the summit of a 30m high hill.

The tsunami that roared in from the sea that Monday morning in 1883 must have been 40m high, at least.

He recalled being carried along on the wave's green unbroken crest, watching the jungle racing below, paralysed with fear.

Then suddenly to his right, he saw, being swept along beside him, an enormous crocodile.

With incredible presence-of-mind he decided the only way to save himself was to leap aboard the crocodile and try to ride to safety on its back.

How he did it is anyone's guess, but he insists he leapt on, dug his thumbs into the creature's eye-sockets to keep himself stable, and surfed on it for 3km.

He held on until the wave broke on a distant hill, depositing him and a presumably very irritated croc on the jungle floor.

He ran, survived, and wrote about the story.

Summary: After being swept off the roof of a building by a 130 foot tall wave, this guy swims onto the back of a crocodile, gouges out its eyes, and holds on using its eye sockets. For 2 miles.

Holy shit.


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