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Exams - Day 2.

Exams today were not as cool as yesterday. In English, I was good until it got to the essay questions. One was something like 'What are the puritan's and rationalist's legacy in America?' I did some Puritan stuff, and then something like: "Rationalists are a myth. They were supposedly 90 feet tall and breathed fire when they argued with transcendentalists. It is said that they live deep under ground and only come out when they are extremely hungry or bored. This is crazy talk. The Peruvians worshipped them as gods, but they are not gods. They are rationalists. Silly Peruvians. That is why there is El Nino."

I kick ass.

Then there was Adv. Programming, which was pretty easy. The highlight of that class is actually that someone had alcohol (or kool-aid in some sort of alcoholic beverage bottle) and got reported. So maybe they'll get sent back to Petersburg High and maybe not. Who knows? Not me.


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