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Just in case

If you saw the last post, before it got deleted, disregard.

Almost, but not quite :(

I got my car registered today, which took entirely too long. We went to the DMV that's about 10 minutes away, but the title was for my dad, who was in Chesterfield. So we drove down there, and he signed one part. However, there was another which we had forgotten about, so he had to drive to the DMV (we were, fortunately, at the one in Chester). By the time I got my car registered, it was about 11. The whole adventure took about 3 hours. All that's left is the inspection, but it needs fixing first. I'm not really sure what's wrong with it so I can't describe it very well, but it stops accelerating after it turns and is slow to accelerate when coming from a complete stop.

My license plates, when I get them, will kick some serious ass.



It could be you!
(or "I guess I'll post this here too.")

So I put this on my MySpace blog, but I don't think anyone reads that considering the first post was just a link here. So anyway, here you go.

I have come to the conclusion that I need a girlfriend. Rather than do the normal thing, which I hate, I'm going to open myself (and concordantly my hot body) up to the (female) public.

So here's what you do:
1. Are you female?
2. Are you in my age group?
3. Do I know or go to school with you?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions, you're almost there!

1. Are you significantly overweight?
2. Does that question offend you?
3. Are you some sort of amputee?
4. Do you have, or have you ever had the clap?

If you can answer no to all of those questions, you are but a short step away!

Now, all you have to do is IM me (wtfl0lstfu) with your name and some reference towards this post (ie: Hey, this is [YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE]. I think I might be able to handle the heat).

And then bam, you're done.



CNN's Experts agree: Bin Laden is Dead or Alive.


Things are looking up (or God I rock).

So that English paper I didn't do will be on the next 9 weeks, so I'll just do all of my homework this time and get a decent grade then. Also, I got full credit on both exam questions, neither of which I gave a good answer for. Comment on the first one (which can be found farther down the page): "ok. I don't see where this is going..." but hey, 15 points for Daniel. Question #2, which was actually alright but had a conclusion of: "[Henry David Thoreau] was probably the type who would now be wearing 5 year old Chuck Taylors, jeans that are more hole than denim, a Grateful Dead t-shirt, a green plaid and maybe a beret with a socialist star. He also would not shower because being clean makes Mother Earth bleed." also got 15 points (full credit) and the comment "You have an excellent writing style which I like. You should work on it." Overall I got an 85.5, which is either a B or B+, and did a lot better than I expected. So yeah, I'm basically awesome.


I need new movies.

I have 'DVDs' of the following movies:

A Clockwork Orange
American Beauty
American History X
Citizen Kane
Donnie Darko
Garden State
Hotel Rwanda
Life of Brian
Napolean Dynamite
Ocean's Eleven
Requiem For A Dream
Reservoir Dogs

I'm biased, but I'd say it's a pretty good selection. All excellent movies, decent range of subject matter and genre. But I want more. So please, suggest some.

News on the March.

It seems like now is the end of the retardedly full house and the beginning of a much less annoying, much more productive state of affairs. Mom has - finally - gotten fed up enough to start removing people from the household.

April was first, even though I didn't write about it. She had been sleeping in my mom's bed, with her and Jesse (the boyfriend). She got moved out to the couch after my room was finished, and bitched and moaned. Boohoo. After one incident, particularly high in drama, she got kicked out. She then, for like two weeks, called mom, dad, and Jesse whining and asking for her place back. I'm not sure if she realizes just how creepy and annoying she was. One down, three to go.

Chris was the most recent, in a story that starts about a week ago. A few local vagrants (being my sister, Chris, Beaver, and probably Ugly Girl/Ashley) were in Chris's car toking up. The drug dealers who live next door fired a gun into the air (which, seeing as how I live right next to them, makes me feel extremely safe) and the police came to investigate. The afformentioned toker-uppers, being extremely intelligent and adept at evading the attentions of the police, ran inside. The police, probably knowing them by name, came to investigate. Pot and 'paraphernelia' were found in his room. Beaver was arrested for something else, and being the highly intelligent person he is, also for resisting arrest. So yesterday, Chris got moved out. He was an alright guy, but I'm glad he's gone. One down, two to go.

Jennifer was supposed to be next, going to Florida to move in with her uncle next weekend. Unfortunately, this doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm not sure about the details, but it looks like she'll be around for awhile longer. It's alright, because she doesn't cause drama and is a relatively clean person. Still, I wish I could write 'One down, one to go.'

And last, and most happily, Ugly Girl/Ashley will be moving out on her 18th birthday, which is March 10. This story also starts about a week ago. Interestingly enough, it took place not ten feet from my door, and I was completely oblivious to it. Someone really needs to alert me when good shit like this starts happening. She lost the key to her room and needed the spare, which my mom has. However, she had been warned previously that if she lost it again, her door would be taken off. She did not respond well to this. In fact, I'm pretty sure she tried to attack Jesse (who is ex-Army), uneffectually. I think my mom tried to hit her (alas, uneffectually). Ugly Girlthen called the police, because apparently Jesse pushed her off him (and I can't blame him. Ick). They were more or less like, "You're a dumb whore. If anything it's mutual combat and you'd both be going to jail." and she was all like, ":(" and then they left. She cleaned everything yesterday (which is ok, because chances are good that she made it dirty). After talking with my mom this morning, she doesn't care. Hahaha.

So anyway, her birthday is March 10. My mom and Jesse will be gone (on a trip to either California or Florida). I'm throwing a party when she moves out.

You are all invited.



Just in case anyone who reads this is as foolhardy as I can be, walking a mile or two for lunch in 25 degree (feels like: 13) weather, is probably a bad idea. The food was good, but it was not fun.


Damn you, English class.

So there's an 8-10 page paper on American Romanticism relating to something current due Wednesday. I'm going to get a bad grade on it (I have resigned myself to this) and haven't started it yet. Really, I don't even know what it's going to be on. It'll be shitty, but I think I can lean on my grade for the first quarter (96) and come up with a decent semester grade. Hopefully we won't get a retarded ass assignment like this again.


Fucking sweet.

There wasn't an Exam - Day 3 of 4 and there won't be an Exam - Day 4 of 4 because of snow. Kick ass.


Exams - Day 2.

Exams today were not as cool as yesterday. In English, I was good until it got to the essay questions. One was something like 'What are the puritan's and rationalist's legacy in America?' I did some Puritan stuff, and then something like: "Rationalists are a myth. They were supposedly 90 feet tall and breathed fire when they argued with transcendentalists. It is said that they live deep under ground and only come out when they are extremely hungry or bored. This is crazy talk. The Peruvians worshipped them as gods, but they are not gods. They are rationalists. Silly Peruvians. That is why there is El Nino."

I kick ass.

Then there was Adv. Programming, which was pretty easy. The highlight of that class is actually that someone had alcohol (or kool-aid in some sort of alcoholic beverage bottle) and got reported. So maybe they'll get sent back to Petersburg High and maybe not. Who knows? Not me.


Exams - Day 1 of 4.

Today was the first day of exams, being blocks 5 and 6. Infinity project and Algebra II respectively. I hope that today set a trend for the rest of the week, because they were easy as hell. Infinity project would've been easier if I'd have brought my book, but I still did reasonably well. Algebra II was very easy, especially considering that I do nothing but read in that class. I finished my exam about 50 minutes early, maybe 30 minutes before the next person. As I strolled back to my desk, a friend asked me in a tone which can only be described as wonderment, "You're done?" I nodded modestly and sat down. Owned.


I take technology for granted.

Today I was checking up on insurance at, and after getting a quote, my mom didn't have the necessary information (car VINs and such). They give you a password that you use with your email address to access the quote again so you don't have to go through it after you've done it once. I minimized FireFox, made a new text file, and just put the password in it.

She was amazed.



I have decided that Solitary by VNV Nation will be my theme song. If you could play it in your head whenever I walk into a room, log onto AIM, or you see me somewhere, I'd appreciate it.

And if rains bring winds of change
Let it rain on us forever



I need to party it up.

I just realized that the most fun thing I've done in the past few days is go through my science project and change all the If/Else statements to Switch statements. (These next couple sentences increase my nerd-dom exponentially.) Switch statements are so cool, seriously. If they were one gang, and If/Else statements were another gang, and they had a rumble, Switch statements would pop a cap in the punk asses of the If/Else statements. Then they'd flash gang signs and drive away.


I must say.

I've felt it, on a somewhat subconscious level, for awhile now. But a few days ago, it hit me. A sudden realization that made me grin and laugh mirthlessly at the same time. A thought which opened the gateways to a new paradigm and threw the past few months into a new light. I've felt it since mid-October, but it hasn't expressed itself until a few days ago. This build up is more than just me being longwinded, I'm trying to communicate my feelings when I realized and thought to myself...

"You know, even though these past few months have been a bitch, it's been nice having two parents again."


That hyphen.

Here's a picture.


Germans are so bad ass.

How did we ever win either World War with guys like these opposing us?


A German, the manager of a quarry, wrote his recollections of being swept away.

He was carried off the top of his three-storey office building at the summit of a 30m high hill.

The tsunami that roared in from the sea that Monday morning in 1883 must have been 40m high, at least.

He recalled being carried along on the wave's green unbroken crest, watching the jungle racing below, paralysed with fear.

Then suddenly to his right, he saw, being swept along beside him, an enormous crocodile.

With incredible presence-of-mind he decided the only way to save himself was to leap aboard the crocodile and try to ride to safety on its back.

How he did it is anyone's guess, but he insists he leapt on, dug his thumbs into the creature's eye-sockets to keep himself stable, and surfed on it for 3km.

He held on until the wave broke on a distant hill, depositing him and a presumably very irritated croc on the jungle floor.

He ran, survived, and wrote about the story.

Summary: After being swept off the roof of a building by a 130 foot tall wave, this guy swims onto the back of a crocodile, gouges out its eyes, and holds on using its eye sockets. For 2 miles.

Holy shit.


I am so funny.

I'm over at my dad's house again (I mostly come over now to keep him company, since I'm effectively away from the rabble and have a computer at my mom's house) and he went to some boxing thing with a couple friends tonight. I told him that I'd be driving the van, drunk and on the interstate. He didn't believe me, but he did leave his keys here. So, while I didn't get drunk, or drive on the interstate, I did repark the car. It's over about a foot and forward three or four...definitely noticable. I'm seriously considering backing it in, though.


Great movie.

This movie (Garden State) is probably one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. You should probably watch it.

Overwhelmed. Under...timed?

I have way too many projects due. Let's see...
8-10 page paper on 'American Romanticism' with powerpoint. This is for English, and it's probably one of the dumbest assignments ever. It's so amazingly vague and broad. I'm supposed to (I think) find something from today and see how it links with American Romanticism. I think. She was really, really unclear and I don't care enough to answer. I'm seriously considering not doing it. Or would be, if I could convince myself it didn't matter. This is due on the 26th. I haven't even started it yet.
8-10 page paper on the Bill of Rights. This is for History. I actually like this assignment, even though it's killing me. I started with 10, now I'm at like three. But it's a pretty interesting subject and I don't mind writing about or researching it.
VJAS. This consists of: An introduction, methods & materials, results, and a conclusion & discussion. I have the program at a state where I wouldn't mind turning it in - it works and does 11 things, has a help and an about. I'd like to add more to it though, so maybe I'll ask Mr. Murray (my physics teacher) for equations tomorrow, when I'm the only one in class.

These, and all the other homework that I usually end up not doing. I think, much like last year, I'm going to burn out sometime around mid-spring. I really wish that didn't happen because it kills my grades. Fortunately, I have a few cool classes that I really enjoy (History, Team Design, Adv. Programming, occasionally Physics) and look forward to going to school. I like the people, I don't like the work. F'ing work.



So, back to school and into the new year. I suppose I'm ready for school, and there's not much I can do about the year being in. Not that it matters much, aside from the fact that I'll have to erase 04 and write 05 on my papers for a few weeks. The only bad thing about 2005 will be that many of my friends are graduating. Good for them, but I'll miss them. I hope I can stay in touch with them, and maybe see them once in awhile.

Which reminds me. Sometime in 2006 (next year, holy crap) - if things go as planned - I'll be in college. In California. It's great, because I'd really like to be somewhere that isn't, well, Virginia. And I'll be about 30 minutes east of downtown LA. And in an awesome school which I really think I'll enjoy going to. However, it'll make staying in touch a little harder. Even with the wonderfulness that is the world wide net, I'll be 4 hours behind my friends that are on real people time.

But I suppose I'll deal with that, much like I deal with everything else - going with the flow. And if we lose touch, it's not my fault, because nobody else made the effort.

Anyway, I think I need to start writing in RealJournal again. With the combination of getting this computer hooked up, not being hurt [ref: that whole 'sarah' situation], and having a room now, I find that there isn't much to write about. But I'd like to keep it up to date, instead of having weeks of gaps, which it does now. Even though none of you know this, because I'm the only one who has seen it.
Neener neener neener.

On a completely different note:
When I moved in with my mom, I noticed that above the sun room (which is now my room), the address was written "Thirty Six Twelve," which would be fine and dandy if the address were 30612. But, in fact, it is 3612. As can be surmised from this, there is a missing hyphen. I mentioned it, laughs were had, it has occasionally been brought back up. Now, at long last, the hyphen has been put up. I took a picture, maybe I'll scan it when I get the roll developed and post it.

And now for something completely different:
I need to motivate myself to go back to work on this physics project. It's a simple C++ program that performs physics equations. It's not that hard, it's just pretty repetitive. Essentially one loop over and over and over again, 11 times. More when I go back to work. In a perfect world, I'd just stick every equation in the physics book in it and then sell copies. In the real world, however, I am really god damn lazy. So that probably won't happen, unless I find some much better incentive than unguaranteed money.


I am officially in a good mood.

I wrote awhile ago about doing an outline for a research paper (actually, I think this update will bump it off of the front page) which turned out being 12 pages. I just converted it to a normal paper format and without a few additions that my teacher suggested, it's 8 pages, the minimum acceptable amount.

The end of this Christmas break just got a lot cooler.