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So I'm sort of sick (I think it's probably a cold), and I didn't go to sleep last night because of this. I took a nap yesterday though, so I'm not as tired as I otherwise would be. Anyway, I drank a couple cups of coffee and some cough syrup and now I really, really need to calm down. Christ, I was talking to some people, and one of them was talking about being a bartender. Then I mentioned eunuchs and made a bad eunuchs/unix joke. In the past hour I have:
  1. Decided I would be a passable rapper. You don't want to know, because it would destroy your image of me.
Why is that in a list? Because I think it looks pretty bad ass that way.

Peace out, I'm goin for the skrilla.


Blogger Trevor said...

das krazeee

11:57 AM


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