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I'm not really sure where to start, so I guess I'll pick a likely place and go on from there. I'm liking less and less the fact that I live with all those monkeys at my mom's house. Ashley didn't go to jail, which makes me in turns angry and morose. I'm sincerely hoping that it will be better once my room gets finished, hopefully this weekend, and if it isn't I suppose I'll be moving back to good old Chesterfield. I've been spoiled, I suppose, by actually having peace and quiet when I lived here with just dad. This is a commodity more rare now than fine gold. Even at night there's either music going, people talking, or some dog noisily scratching/cleaning itself so that I have taken to turning the surround sound on and up loud enough that I simply can't hear anything else. It's quite unpleasant waking up in the middle of the night to the loudness of a DVD's menu song playing over and over and over and over. Another thing I dislike is the lack of a clock in the living room. The only available sockets turn off when a switch is flipped on or off. Setting a clock that would be plugged into those just isn't worth it, in my mind. This means basically that my only guide to time is the last minute I walked into the kitchen (where the stove clock tells me about what time it is), the light or darkness of the sky, or people being woken up in the morning. It doesn't sound like much, but it gets really annoying after awhile. I suppose that's the issue - not one single, large thing, but rather the constant grating of many small annoyances slowly eroding my tolerance. I've already stopped even attempting to be nice to Ashley because she called me an asshole when I said "Please get out of the way" when she was standing in a doorway. Fuck that goldfish faced, bear toothed jerk.

School's been hectic recently, with a lot of projects and papers requiring attention. This is all very hard when I have to schedule computer time over here at dad's house in order to get work done. However, I've gotten it done. Thank God for Mr. Cabanos's classes.

In other news, both of my parents know about this thing now. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that. I don't mind that they know what's going on in my life, but it sort of limits the things I'm willing to say here. There are simply things I'm not going to say where I know my parents can read them. Which sort of creates a dilema, because there will, I'm sure, be things I want to say that I'm unwilling to put up here. I guess that's where realJournal comes in.

Which reminds me. I've seen Aaron Carter in concert.


Blogger Trevor said...

Everything will be better soon. I might as well introduce myself to the new readers.

My name is Trevor.

11:52 PM

Blogger Princess Sara said...

I guess that means they know about our blogs too. Hi mom c, hi dad c.

10:52 AM

Blogger Joshua said...

Mom and dad are grown ups, they can handle it. And if not... well FUCK EM.

What's the real deal with your room? It seems like every week it'll be done "this weekend" for the past month.

And how could you move back in with dad? Isn't he moving out?

12:10 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

>>What's the real deal with your room? It seems like every week it'll be done "this weekend" for the past month.<<

I don't know, there's always just more stuff that needs to get done. A few times there were hold ups because we were getting stuff from April's dad or Jessie's work. I went over there yesterday, btw. It wasn't done. Again.

>>And how could you move back in with dad? Isn't he moving out?<<
I'm sure there'll be a spare room or something in any apartment he gets, and if not, well...I'd rather sleep on a couch there then on a couch in mom's house.

5:00 PM


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