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Prediction for '05

The insectoid overlords (who are controlling the government through the Puppet President B*sh) will make themselves known via their reptilian alien connections. At this point the government mind control towers (disguised until now as cell phone towers) will begin functioning, causing a wide variety of side effects the most notable of which will be complete subserviance. To do this means that they will need to destroy the world's tinfoil supply, which will be achieved by engineering a substance which causes rust to all things metal. As well as enable them to take over minds without hinderance, this will bring non-plastic technologies to a virtual stop. The Atlantian Faction, a group within the innermost circle of the Illuminati will take control of the European Union through their president and the loopholes engineered into the constitution. They will fight a land war in Asia resulting in the detonation of all of China's nuclear weapons which will cause widespread famine in the area, tieing up US and European resources to feed the new asian colonies. The Mayans predicted that "the Serpent God will rise on the southern island and from there begin his reign in the year of the famine" this can only mean, obviously, that the Antichrist will take control in Australia, creating 3 major world powers - the insectoid/reptilians, the Atlantian Faction, and Satan. The Atlantian Faction and Satan will create an alliance and through the use of biological warfare destroy the insectoids and the American continents. At this time, Jesus will defeat Satan as prophesied in The Revelations and the Australia will sink into the sea creating a tidal wave that will cause warm water to flood the antarctic regions. A multitude of scientists have performed studies showing that this will cause much of the ice there to melt, creating what is now known as the greenhouse effect - except a thousand years earlier and without any gasses. The remaining humans alive in Europe will be enslaved by the Atlantian Faction and forced to serve the top 1% elite.


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