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Driving School - Day 3

So today was my worst day. In the words of the driving instructor, "I've never seen someone get worse at driving." And then he met me. Today the car felt odd. The past couple days it was really easy to drive, but today it kept wanting to go right. I'll need to remember that for tomorrow's test. According to him, it'll be a 10 minute drive around the city. Shouldn't be too hard. Also, today I was tired. I went from waking up at 10 to waking up at 6, and even though I try to go to sleep earlier it doesn't work too well. I think that, if I'd had a choice, I wouldn't have been driving today. But I did, and I did poorly. So whatever. I'll go to sleep extra early tonight (I hope) and awake bright eyed and bushy tailed in time for test passing. Getting that temp license will kick some ass, even though my car isn't really drivable at the moment.


Blogger Trevor said...

What about the hot girl?

3:52 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

She's a better driver than I am :(

5:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah don't feel so bad about your driving Daniel. I failed my drivers license driving test today for not using a turn signal once. Assholes. Friday looks luckier though. Good luck to you on your test. And stop look at hot girls!

12:53 AM

Blogger Daniel said...

You have to look at something. Might as well be hot girls.

7:36 AM


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